Calendar Crashes on High Sierra



and a few more debugging attempts

If I unpublish everything and wait a while all the calendars eventually republish themselves.

If I start calendar, look and see that all my data is there, unpublish all the calendars, make a calendar archive, shut down calendar, delete all the cache and preference files, open calendar, and load from the archive some of the events in some of the calendars are gone and all the calendars eventually republish themselves.

So now I’m trying to figure out how to roll back several versions to get the data back.


And the latest…
I have rolled back, gotten a version with all my data, managed to unsubscribe and the calendars have stayed unsubscribed for several hours now. I turned off all iCloud everything and made a backup.

Leaving it for now, I’ve got sheep work to do and then heading to the Pub for beer. I need one or 2 at least. Plus I’ll be picking up our Girl Scout cookie order too. I just hope some of the cookies make it home with me. :wink:


OK so with iCloud account deleted from all devices Calendar is stable. I kept getting Siri found in Apps calendars being added so did an exhaustive search to remove Siri from all apps across all devices. The defaults are for you to use Siri. I’ve found Siri very bad at recognizing my sorts of commands so I don’t use it on anything except my phone to take a reminder that ends up in the Omnifocus inbox. That has stopped the phantom calendars from coming back.

I’m doing a backup now and will then try to add iCloud back for the app store and for Safari bookmarks.