Calendar sets without Fantastical

I have used Fantastical for many year and bought previous versions, but I can’t justify the subscription. The feature I particularly wanted was Calendar sets so I could ignore work calendars at home and personal calendars at work.

With IOS 16, Focus Modes and IOS Calendar App Filters you can recreate this quite easily. I’ve also implemented GoodLink filters and tags for the same reason to only see Work related articles at work.

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That is a good idea, I’m going to give this a try.

I suspect that for many, the compelling feature for Fantastical is natural language processing. I’m mostly able to replicate that with Siri, and my EA handles most of my calendar, so this was never a feature I needed; but I know for others its important. That said, if calendar sets are the main draw to Fantastical, you may have saved others some $ with your suggested approach. :slightly_smiling_face:

Neat—the focus turn on/off in calendar is close to being a full focus select, too. Maybe next year.

Calendar 366 has a similar calendar sets feature.