Calendar sync problem - again

I thought all of my calendar sync issues were solved, after my previous post. I only get one notification for each event.

That is, when I create an appointment in Outlook calendar at work, that appointment shows up in my iOS, Mac and Gmail calendars (this is good).

When I create a calendar event in Fantastical on the Mac, it shows up in Gmail and my iOS devices.

When I create a calendar event in Gmail, it shows up in Fantastical on the Mac and iOS.

All is good to this point.

When I create an event in my iOS
calendar (Fantastical), that event did not show up in my Gmail calendar.

My iPad shows the following under Default Calendar

Gmail (this is the default)
My Gmail calendar

Company name


Why are there 3 calendars in iCloud?

I’m not sure what I need to change to fix this one. Would appreciate some help.



Have you tried removing the “extra” calendars? Easiest way to do this is through the web interface. Just remove all calendars you don’t want. Maybe that helps?