Calendar Workflow

Hi, from the Automators podcast I created the following workflow:

Ask for Input
Question: Name of appointment?
Input Type: Text

Ask for Input
Question: Start
Input Type: Date

Ask for Input
Question: Postcode
Input Type: Text

Ask for Input
Question: End
Input Type: Date

Add New Event
Title: $Input A$
Location: $Input B$
Start Date: $Start$
End Date: $End$

My question is, how can I ask the user for the period of time instead of having to enter an end time?

You could ask for “Duration in hours” with a number, and then adjust the start time by that.

P.S. Automators has a forum too!

There looks to be an issue in the definition of step E. It looks like the location would be the start date.

Don’t forget you can use Ask When Run instead of separate inputs to make the overall entry a little more compact and take fewer taps.

Here’s an example workflow which captures the start date & time, plus a duration, then captures the rest in the event addition itself.

Screenshot of example workflow


Post code may also not be enough location wise. In the UK, post codes may apply to a street or area but do not specify a building. You may want to enhance the location capture by using it to help narrow down an address.

Hope that helps.

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Fantastic - thanks for the Workflow share.

@RosemaryOrchard great podcast looking forward to episode 2 !

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