Call for 2020 Wishes


We are planning a show looking back at 2019 and looking forward to 2020.

Let us know things you like/dislike about tech and the Apple ecosystem in 2019 and hopes and dreams for 2020.


My main one is one you’ve articulated before, David: Apple shouldn’t compromise feature development with (yet another) “focus” on stability.

As Viticci has noted elsewhere, you wouldn’t focus your next blog post on ensuring good grammar or your next podcast on making sure audio quality is sound (pun intended). Maintaining the integrity of the software should be hand-in-hand with advancing the OS.


I’m probably going to get coal for being greedy, but I’ll throw in a second one.

i*OS/macOS feature parity. Too many excellent developers have apps in different states on different platforms. As iOS is now pretty mature, I don’t think customers should be expected to keep different mental models of their apps in their heads. It/‘s strange that I have to put down OmniFocus on my iPad to go use the Focus mode on my Mac. DEVONthink To Go is a joke compared to the DEVONthink 3 on the desktop. Even Shortcuts on iOS vs Automator on the Mac… If something exists on both platforms, it should be the same.

  • Better software quality (iOS, macOS)
  • An Apple 5K monitor (much cheaper version of the 6K model?)
  • A new iMac (Pro) with TouchID or FaceID
  • The new swipe keyboard in my language
  • Apple Card in my country
  • The iPhone Upgrade Program in my country
  • An Arcade/SetApp like subscription service for productivity Apps
  • Larger free iCloud storage (at least sum of local storage of all devices coupled to Apple ID)

USB C iPhone
iOS USB C support for external display, Ethernet adapter
Sherlock Textexpander
Sherlock Malwarebytes
WiFi 6 support on all devices
5G support on all devices
DNS encryption

New version of Apple Airport series (hey should have bought Eero…)


Give iCloud and the Apple apps that use it more robust sync support. Yeah - this is one of those tick-tock stability things. Two examples: 1. could we finally get a Notes app that reliable syncs changes, and 2. file syncing that works reliably/predictably (or at least tells us why it can’t). Hopefully as part of this they can make iCloud syncing services something that third party apps can build upon. The recent post describing why Notebooks doesn’t support iCloud is a good explanation of why iCloud isn’t currently a good base. I suspect that it’s why KeepIt isn’t a great syncing experience either. iCloud isn’t going to be able to replace Dropbox for more users until these issues are addressed.

Better accessibility support for people with vision challenges. Why, in 2020, is there so much on macOS that uses such tiny, tiny fonts? Linux desktops were providing global font scaling over a decade ago. Yet on macOS there is, to my knowledge, no such concept. At least stop giving design awards to apps that are particularly egregious offenders here.

More options for repairing and upgrading devices. Could some of the ideas in the new Mac Pro make it down into less exotic devices?

  • 14" MacBook Pro
  • Apple Watch with non-invasive continuous glucose monitoring and better sleep tracking
  • Synology NAS with an additional, speedy and reliable Thunderbolt 3 connection, instead of the flaky LAN connection that using it with Catalina has become
  • local, wireless backups of iOS devices to a network-attached TimeMachine volume, instead of using the precious Mac’s storage (or using dodgy symlinks to network volumes)
  • Shortcuts app with folders (even in the widget)
  • Shortcuts on Mac, without losing AppleScript’s possibilities
  • Shortcuts to be run via iCloud on other devices (taped on Watch, executed on Mac)
  • Shortcut automation based on calendar entries and other in-app events (even third party)
  • Shortcut actions for deeper system tasks, like toggle VPN etc.
  • a subscription flatrate for the AppStore
  • no iPad Pro update (still not necessary, as it is still totally overpowered)

When I choose to customize the color of an apple watch face, let all the features be that color. For example the large numerals Face offers a color choice but if I add a complication like calendar or alarm they are not the same color I chose for the Numerals face.

Let me decide if Siri will be entirely available if my iPhone is locked. I will even click a little ”I understand“ button to put everyone at ease in case anyone else uses my Siri.

Please take away Siri’s side comments like “Just a moment.” It is so annoying. I just want the answer not chattiness.

The continuous noninvasive glucose monitoring ability would be a dream, but given the penchant for inaccuracies from the watch - like step counting and standing time - I would be as skeptical as I would be delighted.

Who decides to remove features? They are given and then taken away. WTH? Example: Siri could easily tell me traffic to work without me having to unlock the iphone. Now it won’t after the latest update.

I want Siri to announce the names of music tracks or artist and music tracks when playing apple radio on a pn iphone or ipad. Again, it could be a feature to enable.

  • MacBook Air with new keyboard
  • Always on watch that lasts 24 hours
  • Reduce bugs in all OSs

This could be a Settings thing. Check the Siri & Search pane and see what the Allow Siri When Locked setting’s on.

I did a Settings reset recently and had to fix this.

NAS = Network Attached Storage
If you want something directly connected to your computer, a NAS isn’t the right solution.

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My wish for 2020: Tech podcasters becoming more journalists (again) instead of influencers.

  • iCloud to function properly (delaying features like folder sharing and its inconsistency is why I am not going to leave Dropbox anytime soon)

  • Larger iCloud storage - The initial offering is very low. I think they should up to it at least 15 or 30GB.

  • USB-C iPhone

  • Less dongles, just make an Apple-approved add-on or something

  • Remembering the income of a “prosumer” or “hobbyist” in relation to the products for sale.

  • Give developers a break and only take 10%-15%, not 30%

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I am fully aware. This device that combines both is as much a dream, as 95% of all the other unrealistic wishes in this thread.

True Nikola Tesla style wireless charging for all Apple Devices

Apple Pencil support on iPhone

All Macs to only use SSD’s / Death of the Fusion Drive

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It’s hard to deny Apple is, and has always been, a greedy company. In every aspect. From the 30% cut on everything in their app stores to overpriced accessories ($35 for a 2m cable). Not to speak about $400 wheels for a $6k+ computer.

MacOS portable machine that is powerful and runs cool.

iPad Pro refresh to the latest processors (hopefully making battery life even better). We plan to keep it for years and years, so let me buy current tech.

New Airports with AirPlay 2.

External keyboard with Touch ID and TouchBar (even though I just got a new extended Magic.

Apple Watch EKG (and other things) in my country.

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I’ve looked. No luck. Everything is on. Thanks for the thought…

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I forgot an important one:

  • Allow copy/paste of actions/blocks, when creating shortcuts

I would like to see Bento revived and available across macOS / iOS / iPadOS and iCloud.


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