Call for 2020 Wishes

Option to set my own default Finder column widths


When I select a destination using a favorite/contact (like ‘Home’) in Maps on iOS, don’t announce my street address.

and… Remember Finder column view widths for each folder.


What I liked about 2019 was that I continued to delight in using my Mac.

MacOS is so much nicer to use than Windows (my opinion) and the apps that come with it are high quality.

Xcode is the pinnacle though. It continues to be amazing for my needs. The provision of such a powerful, feature-rich and complete development environment continues to allow my tinkerings to become fully-fledged apps. It is truly an astonishing piece of software. And Swift is my favourite language to write in by far (I don’t know many!).

Another wonder for me is the availability of ridiculously powerful apps at attainable prices. They do cost a bit, but apps like Studio One paired with a Mac Mini let me play around with anything in any creative space I care to (with Melodyne making my vocals listenable at least by getting me in time).

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That’s some truly pie-in-the-sky stuff!

(also a dearly-held wish of mine too)

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I have some hopes and dreams, although some may consider some of these as nightmares.

I would like a MacBookPro/iPadPro hybrid. Take the body of a 13" MBP and replace the screen with a removable 12.9" iPad Pro. Sort of like how the Brydge keyboard connects to an iPad, but Apple engineers could make this little more elegant. When you remove the iPad, it acts as an iPad. When you connect the iPad, it functions as a MBP (including mouse functions). It uses the facial recognition of the iPad and as well as retaining the touch ID of the MBP. Additionally, the Touch Bar would have a toggle so that you could choose which mode you would like to use when the iPad is attached. Say you’re in MBP mode but want to edit some photos using an iPad app. Just toggle and you’re in iPad mode. Additionally, there would be some sort of “shelf” function for transferring files between the two OSes. There is more but I haven’t worked out all of the details yet. Note: I understand that version 1 would be quite heavy, I expect future versions may be a little lighter. I am happy with the trade-off for now.

If the hybrid is not a reality in 2020, I would like to be able to connect my iPadPro to my Mac Mini and when I do this the following will automatically happen: 1-the monitor resolution will be set to my pre-configured settings; 2-the Apple keyboard and mouse will be ready to go. 3-there is a keyboard shortcut to toggle between Mac OS and iPad OS. 4- when I disconnect the iPad, I am back in Mac OS with my standard screen resolution, etc retained.

If neither of the above two hopes/dreams are realized in 2020, I would like:

  • a standard Mac cursor when using a mouse with an iPad in Accessibility mode
  • full Apple Magic Mouse support in iPad OS
  • bring Apple Health App to iPad OS and Mac OS

That is all for now. Thank you.

I hope that Apple makes serious inroads in becoming an ISP and finally bring competition to the US market.

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This a pretty random list of all the things I could come up with that I thought were lacking currently.

• Something akin to Dropbox’s Selective Sync for iCloud

• Xcode or permission for IDE like apps to run any code (even if it is sandboxed).

• Permission for apps like Paste, Gladys to actually have access to the clipboard (actually be able to use it as clipboard history.)

• Conditional personal automations (I.e. if a file exists and the time of day is X, if I have a calendar event named “Going to Trader Joe’s” and I’ve arrived at Trader Joe’s, etc)

• Allow increased interaction with websites in shortcuts (a la selectors for clicking, inputting text such as in Keyboard Maestro)

• Improved music discovery in Apple Music

• Mac and iOS allow opening directly to a particular book

• Better ability to auto categorize, sort, filter library.

• Rethink security pop ups on macOS so that they don’t feel tacked on.

• ARM macs?

• Low Power Mode for MacOS

• (Continue?) to make catalyst and/or Swift UI a compelling argument against Electron

But mostly continued proof that all their platforms are important and worth investing time/resources to.


I will throw my money at Apple if/when they turned toward smaller in the Pro line. Specifically, I wish for a replacement for elderly iPhone SE and a return of the 12" MBP.

My list:

  1. iOS Files app improvements:
    • full files access via Shortcuts
    • ability to specify default app to open file type
    • ability to specify folders to always be downloaded
  2. iOS Mail with smart folders, and better keyboard-based filing of emails.
  3. Updated mac mini
  4. 5K Monitor
  5. Redesigned iMac with Face ID

Sherlocking TextExpander would be the bees knees.

It feels like we’ve been waiting forever for a share sheet in Mail in iOS, so that’s my vote. Less important on iPadOS because of drag and drop, but i still feel really limited on the iPhone.


1 thing only: share sheet in mail on iOS


For Apple to figure out (as Amazon did long ago) that families often have two adults who each prefer to pay their own bills.

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The option to have a 2nd Apple Pay card so I can keep business and private expenses separate.

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Not sure I understand what you want…
The Wallet app allows you to have multiple cards. I can switch between cards for purchases using ApplePay.

I want a 2nd Apple Credit card

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This is late for this particular call and too early for a “2021 call” but rather than start a new topic, I will just post my stub of a comment here.

Using my iPad Pro, I created a new folder in the Files app (location: On My Ipad) and thought it would be great to see if I could create a “Shortcut” or an option for “Add folder to Home Screen” option. Alas, the closest thing I can figure is to either use the “Recents” widget (iOS 14) or Create a Siri shortcut that opens a file picker. Neither of which is optimal. This seems like a relatively reasonable and easy feature to expect. Sparing you a rant on half-baked options, I’ll simply say, I wish for this feature: Improve the Widget or add a “File alias” option.

I agree this should be a system feature, but in the meantime Federico Viticci has a shortcut that will do this:

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Oooh, nice thread as Christmas approaches… let’s have fun:

The realistic wishlist

  • An Apple silicon MacBook Pro with integrated 5G/LTE, awesome battery life and a scissor switch keyboard
  • More stability across platforms especially macOS
  • More iCloud control and granularity – allow it to sync package files correctly for instance, and make it bulletproof
  • Allow third-party keyboards to work with physical keyboards (PLEASE give us system-wide TextExpander on iPadOS)
  • A share sheet on Apple Mail on iOS (one can hope)
  • Please release News+ and Fitness+ to the rest of the world
  • Give me a break with those security alerts on macOS

The realistic wishlist (but certainly not happening before a few years)

  • An Apple silicon Mac Pro, with the same modularity the current one has
  • USB-C iPhone
  • An Apple search engine on par with Google

Things I would love but will probably never happen

  • Apple Pencil support on the iPhone
  • Apple Mail turned into a productivity powerhouse (snooze + send later)
  • A Watch’s battery life of 2 full days
  • The return of Magsafe on the Macs
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