Calling on Keyboard Nerds

It’s been a long time since I used a clicky keyboard, so I got in on the Keychron K8 entry price and I’ve been using it now for months. (It’s been my everyday typer, though I use a quieter keyboard when recording.) Anyway, one of the advantages of this keyboard is that you can change the keycaps and the switches. I’m using the Gateron brown and stock caps with it. But I’m open to changing both of those variables. I’m sure there are some keyboard nerds out there with advice for me. Bring it.

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hmmm it would imply switching to the dark side :thinking:

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That is the obvious, but with a DSA keycap profile some people find it a difficult adjustment, although I haven’t tried. Your current keyboard has a Cherry profile.

Here is an overview of the different keycap profiles:

Blade Runner 2049 keycap set would be most appropriate.

If you’re up to changing switches (if that’s an option on your board), I like Cherry Blues (which are clicky) with a single o-ring so they aren’t clacky.


If you’re undecided about switches, or curious, you can pick up a switch tester.

switch tester


+1 on the key switch tester. I got one an decided, like @JohnAtl, I liked the Cherry Blues.