Calls from iPad. Can't make them anymore

I can no longer make regular calls from my iPad. After checking all my settings and Apple IDs on my phone and iPad, I finally got the iPad to again receive calls that come in to my iPhone’s cell number (that took an hour of signing out and in). However, I can no longer make a call from the iPad. I can make and receive FaceTime calls - no problem. Outgoing calls on the iPad continue to get the error “iPhone Calls Not Available - Your iPhone must be signed in with the same Apple ID…” It is. I can’t. Making me crazy.

Settings > Cellular > Calls on Other Devices, turn on Allow Calls on Other Devices, then make sure iPad is chosen.

For Wi-Fi Calling, make sure Wi-Fi Calling For Other Devices is turned on.

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Thanks. Calls on other devices is turned on. My Wi-Fi calling does not have a setting for Other Devices (T-Mobile). So I turned off Wi-Fi calling and I still get the error message. Very strange. I appreciate the help however.

Try flicking the Allow Calls on Other Devices setting off then on, then power down and restart your device. If that doesn’t work I’m stumped too.