Camera app that does not save to the camera roll

I need to take pictures of equipment for my job that end up cluttering up my camera roll. Is there a camera app for the iPhone that does not automatically put its pictures into the camera roll?

I love Camera+, which maintains its own camera roll (but can save or transfer to iOS’s at any time). It’s a one-time $4.99 app, no IAPs, and it does everything the Camera app does and more (better options when shooting pics like focus peaking, better post-processing options like dozens of filters, and frames). I will often open camera roll pics into Camera+ to tweak them to get better results than I get from Camera. (The only thing it’s worse at is a fiddly ‘Straighten’ module that’s hard to get things perfect.)

It’s always on the list of top iOS replacement camera apps.

My records show I bought the original app for 99¢ in 2012, then bought v.2 when it came out two years ago.

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This is exactly the scenario I use Camera+ for. I prefer the immediacy of Apple’s app, but switch to Camera+ for specific use cases like yours. It’s a nice app.

Many thanks. Camera+ it is then.

ProCamera is an alternative

Depending on what it is you’re taking pictures for, I like Site Audit Pro. It can save images to the camera roll if you want, but for me, I can take photos that don’t go in to the camera roll but importantly, add notes about what the photo shows or what the issue is.

I used to take photos and make notes seperately in a text file, but now prefer SAP for inspections.

I went with Camera+ and it’s doing exactly what I wanted it too. Thank you for all your suggestions.

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Great, glad it worked out.

One of the nice things about Camera+ is that it has an AI-derived “Magic ML” mode that compares to the Photos app’s ‘Auto’ setting… but unlike Apple’s implementation Magic ML highlights the changes it made in all the other categories (eg Exposure, Contrast, Highlights, Brightness) to get to that image, so it’s possible to go into changed categories to tweak a setting image if necessary. (I tend to brighten images a bit, reduce saturation, but increase Vibrance.)

Dev posted this video a couple of days ago on photo workflow in the app: