Can a macOS update change keyboard pressure?

Hi everyone, so something weird happened. My MacBook 2018 was running on 11.5.1 BigSur and I was facing this weird issue where if I press caps-lock, my mac would start lagging. The video playing on the screen would start framing. As soon as I stop pressing the caps, it would go back to normal. Others noticed this as well. ref.

Anyway, 2 days ago, I updated to 11.5.2 and haven’t had that issue since, but my MacBook’s key presses seem really soft. I mean I mean there’s the same amount of travel, but the pressure is really less. I have not made any other changes to the laptop physically. It’s in the same place it’s been for 6 months.

Do you think this is even possible? Weird right?

Maybe related to this?

You can’t change the true actuation force through software with the type of keyboard Apple uses but you can change the actuation delay to simulate needing a lighter or firmer press.

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