Can an Aussie HomePod user run a quick test for me?

With the HomePod price drop I’m looking at getting one. I tried to run some tests in JB HiFi but their internet was too slow to register anything. Can someone ask their HomePod to ‘play three D radio’ and tell me if it works and if you get the Adelaide Three D station?

Siri has a lot of problems with recognition like this. I had to contact Apple Support as my HomePod won’t play the band ‘Apples In Stereo’ – and Siri on my iPhone similarly has issues:

My workaround is to access the song or radio station from the Music/iTunes app in iOS/Mac and then cast it to the HomePod. That’s assuming of course that the radio station in question is in the database: Apple accesses radio stations streams from services like TuneIn and IHeartRadio, and if your local station doesn’t have a deal with them…

In this case you can also use Three D’s own iOS radio app and stream from it.

Thanks. I was hoping it could play it without having to use an app and airplay. Trying to remove friction for my wife.

@Jaste just tried it on my HomePod and it worked perfectly. At the reduced price, it’s a good deal. Good luck!

Just to prove it, here is a video :slight_smile:

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:+1: Got home and tried it myself - it works.

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