Can anybody recommend an iOS video player that works with Dropbox (NOT VLC)?

Tried firing up VLC to add some media files from my Dropbox, and the integration is thoroughly broken. The Dropbox file list is missing the majority of my folders. Rebooting the phone, relaunching the app, deleting and re-adding the Dropbox sync, none of that works. And apparently this is a problem that other people are (or at least were - can’t find any resolutions) having.

So…any suggestions on a different app?

Ideally something that can play directly from Dropbox that supports stopping/resuming later. And even more ideally something that can download something from Dropbox and keep it in local storage for a period of time.

You can import music from Dropbox, etc. to Doppler.

You can connect Dropbox to Infuse, but I haven’t tested that functionality myself.


It’s been a while since I used it for media playback, but last I checked, Documents by Readdle had a pretty decent media player. As you can access your Dropbox files directly from the app, I would suggest giving it a try.

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