Can anyone suggest a good USB Switch

I have a gaming-PC and a work mac, and I’m getting a home mac as soon as I can afford it.
I would like to switch my USB-devices between these easily. Preferably all three, but two also works.

I currently have one of these:
The problem is it’s been acting flaky all the time, and right now it’s to the point where I actually just prefer pulling the cable out of one computer and into the other. It’s ok, it was cheap, and I never expected it to last as long as it did.

But now I want to buy a proper one, preferably with support for three or more computers. Must have USB 3, but not necessarily USB-C. Can anyone suggest a good one? Willing to pay quite a bit more this time, as the first one proved it’s usefulness, but not it’s quality.

Oh, and I know about KVM switches, but they mostly just work with one display, and I kind of have many, so I just got used to switching them manually. That works.