Can anyone suggest an app/services to store images and websites and text visually?


I’m looking for an app or services that will act as a sort of whiteboard/moodboard.

We have a large house renovation project to undertake and want to store images and ideas and links to websites / social media that we come across.

I want me and my partner to be able to both view and edit it across both Mac and iPad/iPhone.

I don’t mean a DEVONThink type app, ie a filing cabinet which I already have. But more of a visual / creative style that we can maybe even add sketches and notes to too.

As you can see I don’t know exactly what I am looking for, but hopefully someone has had a similar use case and can make some suggestions.

Thank you for all suggestions.

try Komik, it may still be free for now

if not Muse may be a more matured product

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may be I should add Curio to the list

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Trello could be a contender here.

There is an app called Morpholio board which was designed for this type of thing

Milanote is an excellent online tool that might work (there is a free version)

I use an app (MacOS and iOS) called Pixave. I am not sure it is still being supported, in spite of it being in the app store,

You always fall back onto some old favourites such as the web clipper in One Note or even Pinterest

A mind mapping tool would probably work very well for this kind of thing. I have iThoughts and like it. There are several others out there.

Miro could possibly also work for this. It’s built for collaborative whiteboarding.


Perhaps Curio will do this

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There are a bunch of web-based collaborative digital whit boards:

I’ve played with a bunch of them, but they quickly got very slow with more than a few images.

Microsoft have a whiteboard thingy. I don’t know much about it but a colleague at work was raving about it for their team planning sessions where team members are scattered around the country. If you already have a M365 subscription that may be included.

I’ve been using Pile for design inspiration, but you could use it for your purpose too. Native Mac and iOS apps.

I was going to say Curio, but since you want iPad and iPhone support, that won’t work.
What about Keynote?

Have you looked at Milanote? It seems like exactly what you would need for your home renovation project.

+1 for pinterest - we used it for this purpose about 7 years ago & Id do it again