Can I charge my AirPods with an iPad charger?

Hi alll,

I have brought a pair of AirPods to add to my all apple family. I use wireless charging for my iPhone, so no longer have the cable plugged in. Rather than putting yet another cable out will my iPad charger charge my AirPods without damaging them?

I do it regularly and as far as I know it’s not a problem. Mine are over a year old.

I regularly charge my AirPods case with the 29 watt MacBook USB-C charger, with no apparent ill effects.

Modern chargers are actually pretty smart. They won’t provide any more power than the device can handle (good ones anyway, no guarantee’s regarding no-name bottom of the barrel chargers).

Yes, there’s no problem in charging airpods or any other device with bigger charger. The device is smart enough to only request the needed current.

Thank you all, thought this was the case but is best to check first :+1:t2::+1:t2: