Can I Expect Featured Photos to Come Back (post-iOS17 upgrade)?

I hadn’t gotten around to updating my iOS devices (iPhone 12 Pro, iPad Pro 11" from a while ago), but since I got my new watch (thanks to all of you for guidance / reassurance along the way), I needed to update iOS so I can connect the watch to my phone.

Everything seems to be fine except for Featured Photos as a part of the “For You” tab in Photos. On my phone, I only get “Memories” (which I don’t care for at all), “Shared with You,” and “Shared Album Activity,” no “Featured Photos” (which used to appear directly under Memories). On the iPad, the featured photo section is there, but has not refreshed since I updated it, so it’s showing pictures “on this day 5 years ago” that were “5 years ago yesterday.”

I am assuming that Photos is doing some sort of re-indexing / machine learning / whatever. There are settings that indicated that Featured Photos still exist, and I don’t see any reviews that say they’re gone, so I’m not TOO worried, but this has been one of the iOS features that has delighted my family the most over the last couple of years.

Am I right to think they will come back once Photos has done whatever behind the scenes magic it needs to do?



PS: While the stainless watch looks beautiful, I work weekends and so I won’t have time until later Sunday to actually activate it!

I had a similar issue after upgrading my phone. Featured Photos was blank with the message “No photos available.” After I waited a day, though, they came back.


O’ well into IOS17 and they’re there.

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Six days in and still no featured photos… Sigh.


It’s only been a couple of weeks since iOS 17 was released and we’ve already had 3 patches. iCloud can be frustratingly slow when nothing special is happening. I’d give it a couple more days.