Can I get my phone or Echo or Google Home to talk to an outdoor older receiver and wired Boze Speakers?

We put on a new deck last year and need to upgrade our music.
We have Boze weatherproof speakers that were hard wired with speaker wire to a receiver. That receiver plugs into an outlet, powering itself and the speakers. We used to plug an iPhone or mp3 player into a jack and manually choose music and switch channels.

Solution I’m seeking: Ability to speak my music choice and have it play through the Boze, without getting up from my dinner and wine :crazy_face: Alternatively, pick up my phone and use some app or interface to do this. I also have an Orbi 2 mesh router, if that’s important. The speakers are keepers, the receiver setup can be replaced/upgraded as needed.

Thanks so much

An Echo Dot has an Analogue line out that you can connect to your receiver.

You can get a Bluetooth receiver with RCA or 1/8” outputs that’ll allow you to use your iPhone to do this, I use one from Belkin.

I forgot to mention that the speakers are hard wired into the receiver, not a plug in/Jack situation.
Also apologies for the misspelled Bose.
My take away is I need to keep the receiver and plug in a Bluetooth receiver to that?

My takeaway was that you would need to replace the receiver with a model that offers Bluetooth support. This would allow you to stream from your phone. An external Bluetooth source connected to your current receiver might be a less expensive option.

SONOS makes a device (Connect?) that connects to a receiver that allows me to play to my SONOS speakers. This doesn’t help your issue but shows that others are providing solutions for a similar problem.

For this I’d look for an old Airport express (the later version if possible) or an Echo dot that has an output of some sort - similar for Google dot equivalent.

You can easily find used Airport expresses for great prices, and it’s super sweet to get Airplay on your old stereo.

Thank you all. The echo dot solution is going to work.
We’ve repurposed an old receiver, cleaned up the speakers and purchased a waterproof housing for an Echo Dot.

It makes me sad all over again that they are gone.