Can I make Apple's text expansion happen immediately?

I just use text expansion for simple strings, so I’m still using a very old version of TextExpander. I’m going to try Apple’s solution, which will probably be fine, and much simpler going forward.

But I notice with Mac and iOS, I have to hit space or punctuation for the expansion to happen, where in TextExpander it happens as soon as you type the last character of the abbreviation. Is there a way to make Apple’s do the same?

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I don’t think there’s an option to change that behaviour. A space or punctuation mark is needed as an expansion trigger.

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I don’t think so either. Also the Apple text expansion works badly with case. I don’t find it usable beyond replacing symbols on all devices like → ⇒ ✓ ⤬ and so on.

I’ve found that setting up the snippets on your mac will greatly increase functionality.
If you start on the mac you can add multi line expansion and so on.

you can expand those on iOS, but cannot create them there.


Thank you, quorm. It’s more than a hobby, for sure.

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