Can I Remove Time from OS X System Bar (Upper Right Corner)?

Is it possible to hide the time from appearing in the upper right hand corner?

System Preferences > Date & Time > Clock

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If you want even more control, Bartender lets you hide whatever you want.


Thanks! Can’t believe I wasn’t able to find that myself!

I’ve had a clock in that location for over 20 years - I’d miss it if it were gone!

But I turned off Apple’s implementation in favor of Calendar 366 II, which gives me a slightly different look I like,


but which when clicked on shows me my calendar events (in my choice of month/week/list/agenda/day view, along with search. (I have it set to show me a day-by-day list.)

Easy access if you click on the clock and choose prefs from there


Nobody should not own Bartender! :sunglasses:

CMD drag the item off the Menu Bar.

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That’s great! I didn’t realize that trick. I took several things off that were cluttering it up for me. Why would I ever want to access spotlight by clicking on the icon up there?