Can I reprogram the "Eject Disk" key on my external Magic Keyboard?

I keep accidentally hitting the eject disk key (to the right of the F12 key) on my Mac Magic Keyboard and it’s driving me crazy. Is it possible to at least reprogram it so if I do hit it, it doesn’t do anything? (I’m not sure what it does now, to tell you the truth!
Thanks! IMG_2094

You might be able to remap it with Karabiner-Elements, although with a few minutes searching, I’m not sure. I use KE to remap capslock to F18 to use in Keyboard Maestro shortcuts. If it is possible, it will be a bit of an adventure. Not too helpful of an answer, but a jumping off point at least.
If all else fails, you could make a little hat to put over it using FormCard or Sugru.

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