Can I take my iMac in an airplane?

This is a very stupid question, but does anyone know what the best way to take an iMac in an airplane?
any recommendations?

EDIT: it’s a 21.5 inch iMac

Why don’t you ask the airline? I bet their answer is of much more value than any of ours.


will do , thank you for :slight_smile:

Good thing you have the 21" version. I have trouble with my 27" on the tray table all the time, especially when the person next to me brought theirs, too.

Seriously, we foam boxes after we put equipment in them for shipping. The gear goes in a big plastic bag and the foam expands all around it. I would be confident checking that as luggage.

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Do you have the original packaging or know someone with the same model who might? That would be ideal I’d think.

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Consider shipping the iMac separately from the flight if you don’t need the computer immediately after arrival. There are some good luggage moving services.


found it yesterday :slight_smile: