Can M1 iMac be used as a second display for a laptop?

I’m looking for a new home computer, mainly to store and edit photos. I have a MacBook Pro laptop for work, which is usually with me, and was considering a new M1 iMac since I really will not be carrying two laptops about. But I need to be able to use the new iMac as a display for my MacBook Pro, and get rid of my current two screen setup, to make that work.
I see that is not supported, and has not been for several years. Darn it, this seems so obvious! Is there a third party solution? It looks like Luna has not been updated in some time, does anyone know whether it works with M1 devices as source or display? (Eventually, I hope that my work laptop will be replaced with an M1 equivalent.)
Suggestions welcome. I realise no one will have been able to try this out yet, but I’m curious what you all think. The alternative is that I buy an M1 MacBook Air and use it with the screens I have, swapping the laptops in and out when I need to work, which seems much less elegant.
Thanks all

Luna was not updated for some time unfortunately. But it works with M1 if you want. Other alternatives to consider are Sidecar and Screens.

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An alternative would be a Mac mini and a display (or use with display(s) you have).


I’ll explore those two, thanks.

Yes I thought about that too. Was hankering after a pretty iMac, but I certainly should consider the Mac Mini option. Thanks for replying.

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M1’s do not work in target display mode, so think you’re out of luck there. My guess is that a 2nd display is on the horizon for you?

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I have two displays already but one is a bit past it’s best, shall we say.
I think I will go for a Mac mini as I can afford more storage that way. I’m in NZ and a Mac mini with 16gb memory and 2Tb storage almost takes it to $3000, so It is worth exploring all the options :wink: