Can more than one user be logged into Apple Music on a single Mac at the same time?

My wife and I share an iMac. Each of us has a separate user account.

From previous experience I know, that it is not possible for me and my wife to be logged into our own separate iTunes-Match accounts on the same Mac. Each Mac can only be linked to one Apple Id, therefore only one of us can use iTunes-Match.

Does anybody have experience how this works with Apple Music? Is it possible for different users on the same Mac to be logged into their own respective Apple Music libraries using Apple Music? Ist this possible at all? Does it require Family Sharing?

Each user account on the mac can have its own Apple ID, iCloud, and Apple Music.

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Solved: If you are in an Apple Family one Mac can be “linked” to more than one Apple Id. All Apple Ids have to be part of the same family.