Can my apple watch tell me my iphone is charged?

If my iphone can tell me when my apple watch is charged, why can’t my watch tell me when my iphone is charged? Can’t seem to find a way to achieve this?

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I haven’t tested it, but just whipped this up in the Automations tab of the Shortcuts app. it would require Watch notifications to match the phone.

The two notifications are probably redundant.

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Also: you might not want another app if a shortcut will do, but I found Cloud Battery recently and I’ve been pretty happy with it.

I don’t have an Apple Watch, so can’t vouch for how it works there, but I’ve got it installed on all of my devices and it’s served me well thus far— reports on battery levels of all your devices and allows you to set notices at power levels you define— e.g. iPhone has fallen to 20%, iPad has charged to 100% etc.


I actually set up a shortcut on my iPhone to announce that it reaches 90% charge, never fails

Can this shortcut run on the Watch too (to alert about phone charging)?