Can Siri search a specific search box on a website?

I would love to be able to ask Siri to type a query into a search fied/box on a specific site.

Sort of like an Alfred quick search on a Mac

Does anyone know if this is possible with Siri or some other way on iOS?

Yes. Just use Siri shortcut.
For example the below will activate when you say: “Hey Siri search duckducko” and then you can reply to the prompt and it will search duckduckgo. The same can be achieved with any website exposing an URL scheme for search


Wow thanks @MarcMagn1!

I tried to build a shortcut for the website that I had in question: Affalds ABC

It’s a website that tells me how and where to sort certain garbage and waste. So I can search for “Dåse” which is Danish for can And it will tell me what waste basket it needs to go in

Could you help me a bit to build such a shortcut possibly if you have a few minutes? So that I can search the site with my voice in a fast way


Luckily the website exposes a query string in the URL so the implementation works the same. See attached and you can download the shortcut for your perusal there : Shortcuts

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Amazing! Thanks! This will change my Siri game for sure overall!

Best tip I can give you is to do two searches on the site, copy and paste the resulting URLs, figure out the difference, and then replace the bit that changes with what you want to search for in the Shortcut.

Often needs poking around with replacing spaces with %20 and the like but should get you close - again you can troubleshoot by doing a few searches.

Happy programming :slight_smile:

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Thanks Chris. I used to create these all the time in Alfred on the Mac. But now I’m iPad only and have missed this