Can Siri Shortcuts be used to toggle Location Services?

This is related to my post in Hardware about my suspicion that my phone has been spying on me.

I’m new to building Shortcuts, and I’m wondering if Siri Shortcuts has the ability to toggle on and off Location Services.

Could someone please direct me to what elements might go into something like that?

THis cannot be done in shortcuts.

Also consider that your GPS location isn’t required for services like Google or Facebook to track your location. Any time you access a resource on the internet that resource is, necessarily, provided with your IP address which is tied to a rather narrow (but not nearly as narrow as gps) geographic region. Certainly precise enough to know what part of a city you’re in, even on cellular.

Unless you use a VPN, your approximate location will be visible to a Google or Facebook type even with location services off. (Again a good reason not to have Facebook installed and to use Duck a Duck Go for search!)