Can someone recommend a laptop docking station?

I have a new MBP, and don’t like using 2 of the 3 USB-C ports to connect to my 2 large LG displays. Have been looking for some kind of a docking station that works and having difficulties finding something that works, preferably reasonably priced. Open to any suggestions. Also is it possible to daisy chain the two displays together? The first apple support person said yes, but it didn’t work with HDMI cables.

Thank you in advance.

I’ve used this to connect a pair of Dell 24” 4K displays to a M1 Pro MacBook Pro via USB-C to DisplayPort cables.

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When you get your Studio Displays, would you be willing to share if these things play nicely together? I’m also curious about docks, but don’t know if it’ll all work together without issues.

The OWC Thunderbolt Dock works fine with my 14" MBP M1Pro and the Apple Studio Display. I keep the MBP mostly in clamshell mode.



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Display technology continues to be a mystery to me:

Up to two 4K displays or a 5K/6K/8K display

What’s that mean for one 5K and one 4K display? :sweat:

I’ve also been tempted by some other options:

The sticker shock and the analysis paralysis of the subtle differences between all these have made me continue to avoid purchasing one. Instead, like some uncivilized person, I continue to just plug and unplug several cables into my MBP…

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That CalDigit TB4 dock seems great: a broad spectrum of powerful ports. I’ve been eyeing it – But it is quite costly!

At home I use current Apple Thunderbolt Display as my dock. Works great, except all my connections are USB-C now, so it may be time for an upgrade. At the office I use an elgato docking station that I’ve had for about 6 years. Also has been a gem. I have it connected to my KVM switch to move my monitors, keyboard, mouse, external speakers, etc. to/from my work Windows PC and my MacBook Pro (M1 Max). I’ve had to add adapters to enable my TB4 ports on the MacBook Pro to work on the system. But it still works. The Elgato cost about $300 bucks. So, while the investment is costly, the devices seem to last and last and last.

If I were to buy one right now and I could budget ~300-400, I’d go with the CalDigit.

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It’s confusing to me too.

I can’t speak for the TS4, but I have a TS3+ and have previously had some success running an LG 5k display + an LG 4k60hz display via DisplayPort in to it, then out through one TB3 cable.

It seems to work, although I seem to have marginally more problems with it than I do when I only have the 5k display connected.

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I appreciate all the responses. Unfortunately, due to the high cost I decided to connect one screen with HMMI and the other through USB-C. I think this will work for now. Someone (non-MPU) had also suggested the WAVLINK USB 3.0 Universal Laptop Docking Station, USB C to 5K/Dual 4K@60Hz Dual Monitor for Windows and Mac… which is available for $ 165.96 at Amazon. That’s a bit less than other options.

Am posting a picture


I’ve got the HyperShop 4k Multi-Display in the office and the Caldigit TS4at home.

Can highly recommend both. The TS4 is full Thunderbolt if that is a requirement


Connect the 5K directly to the Mac and you can do Dual 4K vie docking station. Not a one cable solution, but it will work

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Yeah, my son is not worried about cost. Just performance.

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