Can’t connect to bank when using vpn

The one time when I really need to be using my vpn is the one time it is not working. Whenever I have the vpn connected, I can’t connect to my bank. I am using NordVPN. Any suggestions?

Is the exit node outside your country?
Your bank may be blocking foreign IPs to help foil hackers.
If you can choose the country of your exit node, try selecting your own country.

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Assuming this is when connecting to your bank from an open WiFi access point, right?

Otherwise, if you’re on your home WiFi, you DO have a secure connection (provided you use proper encryption to your access point, like WPA2 with AES).

The standard TLS connection provided by your browser and your bank’s server should provide all the privacy you need.

Thanks. I am in the US

I am in the US, using a US connecting point

Agreed. It may be that I will simply have to be strategic about when I connect to the bank.

Two of my banks here in the USA lock me out if I use my VPN with an exit node from a location I don’t normally live/work. Seems like a not-uncommon security precaution.

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NordVPN recently reported they had been hacked some time ago. Could be they have been working on the system. Or perhaps your bank is reacting to the breach?

They could also be blocking VPN connections because people from outside the USA could use one to pretend they are in the USA.

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Does it happen from a single WiFi network and not others? I’ve run into cases where the network ports that VPN traffic uses are blocked on certain networks. That could be in play as well.

It happens regardless of location