Can’t email from third party apps

For the past couple of months I’ve been unable to email from 3rd party apps (Milog, Drafts 4, MEL mileage, etc.) the apps aren’t giving me the option to select the email account I want to send from (I.e. it’s not showing the FROM field). Therefore, the SEND option is greyed out.

Any ideas?

(iPhone 6, iOS 12.1)

What happens if you add a valid email address in the To: field?
Wouldn’t From: auto populate with your email set up in the iPhone settings?

Unfortunately not :worried:

If you tap “Cc/Bcc:” the dialog should unfold to allow selection of Cc, Bcc, and From.

When you tap From, there should be a list of the valid SMTP accounts defined on your phone, at the bottom of the screen, to select from. If there are no accounts shown, then perhaps you have no email send-from accounts defined?

Thanks. But unfortunately that doesn’t work

Hmmm, something else is amiss on the phone I suspect. I tried your scenario with Drafts 4 on my phone (iOS 12.1.3) and the From: line appeared as expected, with my default send account defined.

You do have a default send account defined, and the phone is able to log into that account in Settings > Passwords and Accounts – yes?

Figured it out thanks to you both. My work iPhone is only 16Gb. I don’t use Apple Mail. The phone had deleted Mail. Subsequently- I couldn’t email from the phone (but I never noticed as I use Outlook to email day-to-day).

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