Can’t see ScanSnap ix500

I have a ScanSnap ix500 — bought many years ago on the recommendation of David and Katie Floyd — and have been trying to no avail to get Nitro PDF Pro to recognise it so I can use its “Import from Scanner…” option. The scanner is connected via USB to my Intel iMac running Monterey 12.6.2.

The scanner works just fine via the ScanSnap software, but it’s a clunky workflow so I thought I’d try directly initiating scans from PDF Pro. PDF Pro, however, only sees my multifunction HP printer, not the ScanSnap. Neither is the ScanSnap seen in the Printers and Scanner system preference panel. I thought that might well be the underlying problem, but “Add Printer” doesn’t see the ScanSnap either.

What on Earth is going on?

Any help gratefully received!

ScanSnap is not a TWAIN supported device. It is one of the negatives in buying a ScanSnap. While ScanSnap scanners seem rather pricy, I found full TWAIN supported devices to be twice as much. At least at the time I was shopping for good scanners.
That is why I was never able to use Image Capture with ScanSnap or see it in the printer and scanner setup.
As far as the workflow, I really liked ScanSnap’s original software and had it set up to automatically scan to desktop and do OCR. I had little need to interact with the software after that.
ScanSnap for a long time did not support 64bit and forced people to buy new scanners that did with newer less useful software. Recently they redid the original software and you can now go back to it and also use the older scanners.
I would suggest you set up the scanner to automatically do what you want and forget interacting. You can use whatever else you want after you have a good scan. ScanSnap does great scans.

As a final note, I use PDF Expert and I have set up ScanSnap to open that application after scanning and saving the file to desktop. I bet you could do that with your program of choice too.

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Try ExactScan Pro. Works on my S500 and now IX1400

Thanks, I’ll try. May also take a look at PDF Expert, I’m only using Nitro because they took over PDF Pro, but their customer support is, shall we say, rubbish unless you have switched to their subscription software.

You should be able to also setup ScanSnap to open your PDF Software.

Unless they changed recently , the native Fujitsu apps are still running on Rosetta

The OP has an IntelMac, so it doesn’t matter for him.