Can’t seem to get AutoWake to work

I love the AutoSleep app and looking at the data it looks like my alarm often jolts me out of sleep during a deep sleep phase leaving me feeling groggy when I wake up.

I decided to pick up AutoWake last week. Five days on and I still can’t get it to work. I’ve set a scheduled alarm for everyday, with a 30 min bump but nothing happens.

I have the complication on the watch face and the phone always plugged in and within range, and made sure that the app is allowed during downtime.

I swap my series 5 watch for my series 3 at night. I had problems with Things 3 not working when switching between two watches and wondered if that could be the problem.

Anyone have any other ideas?

Recent reviews on AppStore suggests that the recent versions are buggy. Do you think that’s the reason?

I might drop the developer an email and see if it’s a known issue. It’s not feasible to wear the series 5 all day for me and then through the night for sleep tracking because the battery is so terrible.

How frequently you need to charge it. Mine can stay for almost 24 hours but will be at 10% by then.

I put it on at 7.30am in the morning, wear it all day including a 1 hr workout and by the time I go to sleep at around 11pm it will be under 30%. So I switch to the series 3 for sleep tracking and let the series 5 charge overnight.

Last night I removed the AutoWake app from my series 5. Set the alarm for 7.30am and set it to bump me in light sleep with a 30 minute window. I woke up at 8.18am with AutoWake having counted past the time in the complication.

I think it might be time to try sleep cycle instead.