Can the 10.5 iPad Pro 2 memory be upgraded by flash drive?**

Hi Gang,

Can the 10.5 iPad Pro 2 memory be upgraded by flash drive?

I ask because I am on the cusp of buying one and I think it’s not USB-C and is the older Lightning Connection as far as I know. Granted it’d be a 256GB model but I am not planning on buying one of these again for a while and I’m trying to future proof myself for a little while at least.

I welcome your thoughts as I need help with this.


Short answer: yes. This iMore article describes it in brief.

(But you’re talking about storage, not ‘memory’ :wink:)

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Yes, you can attach USB sticks and SSD drives to your 10.5 iPad Pro with help of this Apple (powered) Lightning to USB adapter.

As the iPad can only power SD-cards, you need this adapter to have additional power for USB sticks or SSD drives. For USB harddisks you need even more power, these work only with your iPad if you use a powered USB hub.

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Do you happen to know if this works with the 6th Gen iPad as well?

I guess so, because for me it works with a 10.5 iPad Pro, a 5th gen. iPad mini and a iPhone SE. Especially the last one is older than your iPad.

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