Can the iPhone remember Bluetooth volume?

I have 3rd party bluetooth headphones. Every time I connect them the volume jumps up to about 90% which is too loud. I tried searching the menus and googling but I can’t find anything. Is there a way to make the iPhone remember the level?

In my experience it always remembers headphone volume. It did for my wired sennheisers and it does for my AirPods.

I haven’t used third party Bluetooth, though.

I realized it can even distinguish between different wired headphones (with and without remote buttons/microphone). That’s strange behavior you have.

With different types of Bose bluetooth headphones it remembers the volume setting each set was on.

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So it should work by itself. Maybe it’s my cheap brand of headphones then? I would have thought the iPhone would be the one taking care of this no matter what the headphones were.

I’d see if I could test it on some other headphones. You don’t even have to actually use them, just connect/disconnect them and see if the volume is preserved. Could be a bug for sure, might be that however iOS identifies headphones isn’t working on that particular set.

Sorry for the obvious question: are you re-pairing them when you get the volume jump, or connecting (using the existing pairing)?

I am having weird behaviour even with my 2nd gen AirPods - when I am listening to music and take a phonecall, after that the volume wont get back to the high it was before until I press the volume button. Weird and annoying.

Bluetooth volume is set independently of internal speaker volume. Same control, the +/- buttons on the side of the iDevice, but once you are streaming to bluetooth, the actual control is done by adjusting Bluetooth send volume, not speaker volume.

I’m using the existing pairing.

Well, I changed to headphones and now it’s working so it’s clearly dependent upon what you use.

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