Can you export Sleep++ data in iOS 14 via email?

After I upgraded to iOS 14 (and now 14.0.1) I’m unable to export Sleep++ data via email.

No matter which mail App I configure as default mail App, Sleep++ always opens a a mail compose screen that looks like it’s from Apple’s mail App (instead of the App I configure), with this behaviour:

  • if I send the mail to myself I do not receive it (and it’s not in my Sent folder)
  • if I cancel sending the mail, but save it, it does not appear in my Drafts folder

I tweeted _ about this, but unfortunately I did not get a reply.

Does this work for others (or for nobody)?

Just checked, works correct for me. iOS 14.0.1 / Sleep++ 4.2 / standard Apple Mail app

I suspect this is an iOS bug rather than a Sleep++ bug. If you use the share sheet anywhere it seems to be popping up the default Mail app which is annoying.

I discovered I have exactly the same problem in another App, so you might be right!

Interestingly, what Sleep++ and that App have in common is that they both don’t use the share sheet. They immediately open a compose mail screen. And that does not work at all…

Would Apple have screwed up that functionality?

(but then again: it works for @hoppel)

I could save the data to Files after removing the default mail App from my iPhone.

If you let Sleep++ write your data into Apple Health you can export them with this app:

Its the same guy that had/has a online-converter for the exported Health-data.

Unfortunately export of Health data does not work on my iPhone…

(Apple Support is investigating this; they will call me back later this week)