Can you lock/protect columns instead of entire tables in Numbers?

One of my Numbers spreadsheets uses only a single column for input. I would like to lock/protect all other parts of the table, except for this single column.

(How) Can this be achieved in Numbers?

One way to achieve what you want is to have 2 (or more) tables aligned side-by side.

Table 1 is unlocked and contains the “single column for input” that you mentioned. Table 2 is normally locked, and contains the formulas that rely on the input in Table 1.

You get the same results as a single table, and it can be laid out to visually look like one table if you print the document, but this way you can lock the table doing the calculations to avoid stepping on them. Locking does not prevent the formulas in Table 2 from operating.


Yes, that works! Thanks.

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