Can you skip backwards in a podcast by squeezing the Airpods Pro?


  • Airpods Pro
  • Pocket Casts iOS podcast player
  • iOS 14.4.1

I’m researching a way to skip backwards. Right now, the controls I have are

  • single squeeze either - pause
  • double squeeze either - skip forward the configured # of seconds in the app.

What I am looking is a way to skip backwards using the Airpods Pro. I work in a noisy environment where the background noise is people talking in meetings or phone calls, so using Siri commands to skip forward/backwards isn’t an option.

It looks like the Airpods 1/2 let you assign forward and backwards skipping to left/right airpods, so I expected/hoped the feature to be carried forward to the more expensive airpods pro. However, my Web searches haven’t turned up any solution to this , besides “use Siri” ( see above, it’s not an option for me ) .

Am I missing something, or is the feature I am looking for just not there?

According to the following, triple squeeze should skip back.

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I don’t use airpods, but back in the earpods day, triple click will act as backward.

if visualized with dots & dash (quick click and hold click), the controls are:
. play/pause
.. forward (in music, play next song)
... backward
.- advance forward (in music, advance 5 seconds)
..- de-advance(?) backward

edit: whops, replying on phone, didn’t see the previous reply. that one is correct too

I have Airpods Pro and use a triple squeeze to skip back 30 seconds (while listening to podcasts or books), which I’m pretty sure is the default setting. I’m not sure that the click settings (other than the prolonged hold one) can be changed.

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Triple squeeze works for me with the Airpods pro

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Triple click worked for me as well. Thanks for letting me know.

I don’t see a way to mark this post as “solved”

But, it is “solved”.

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