Canary Mail - Who’s using it?

Anyone used/using it? I read a review and then saw it was on setapp.

It visually looks great, I just cannot find a lot of reviews and real world use of it

I looked at it at some point but I quickly went back to Airmail (or perhaps I was using Spark at the time, one of the two). I don’t recall what I didn’t like about it, but I’m picky about things so it’s not hard for an email client to frustrate me :sweat_smile:

Has anybody bought into it? The 5 day pro trial on iOS seems to be quite limiting.

But all in all Canary 3 seems to be on a good trajectory, yet still very rough around some edges (account settings, theme design, interactions).
Also $40 in total for the macOS and iOS version is a pill to swallow at that stage.

The upside of Canary is that you can pick fetch instead of push for new email notifications. All other apps (incl. Spark, Airmail etc.) rely on their servers to get your new mail notifications and deliver them to you via their push notification servers.

Seems to be yet another mail product which evaluates your email and sells info based on it to advertisers. They say they use " anonymized and aggregated data" but they also note in their privacy policy that they use and send data to Google analytics and Facebook analytics, and on iOS they use the AppsFlyer service, which collects and “analyzes users’ IP addresses, device information, and IDFA” - your advertising ID(!). Even if you stop using Canary, “data collected by third-party vendors such as Google Analytics may remain with them as per their data processing policies”

I took a quick dive into the Indian company that owns Canary, Mailr Tech. Their headquarters address (7 Jagnath Plot RAJKOT Rajkot - 360001 Gujarat - India) is shared by 1955 other companies, so it’s basically a mail drop. Did a quick search on LinkedIn to see that devs there might be doing and found this:

“textual data… make data business usable… learning sentiments”

This seems like the same thing that Edison Mail was caught doing: scraping user mail to sell info on what people subscribed to, what people bought, and from what stores, and at what prices, etc etc.

One of the three limited partners in the company also owns ACE NATURE CURE LLP. :roll_eyes:

I’m pretty conservative about how I use and access my email, and who gets to see it, so I think I’m going to take a pass on this.


I would like to revive this thread and see if anyone has found Canary mail to be a useful option. I am not thrilled with even with the plug ins I have started using. The last post about selling the data is a bit scary for me. I try to utilize apps in SetApp whenever I can and thought about giving Canary a try. I have tried Spark and Airmail and went back to each time. But the stability on my Mac is not great. I have to quit and restart too often and even rebuild the mailbox weekly.

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I like it a lot… native GPG, mail tracking… the only area that it seems lacking is the fact that (I think) I can only have one signature per account… but I am just using textexpander to add whatever appropriate signature block is necessary… (I guess, BTW, I should mention that I have it via SetApp…)

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I tried it for a bit. In the end though, I went back to Mozilla Thunderbird.

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