Cancelled Events or Appointments in Calendar?

hello MPU and happy new year!

random silly question, if items in your calendar get cancelled for any reason, do you delete the event out of the calendar fully? or do you write (cancelled) next to the event title?

I am trying to look at best practices for things like this.

I write cancelled as a history of what I might have had scheduled. But it’s up to you if that is important.

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For me, a calendar event is a reminder of where I need to be and how I should prepare. If an event is rescheduled I’ll move the entry to the new date/time. If it’s cancelled I do nothing.


As a general rule of thumb, I do not delete items from the calendar app, I just move it to a “Done” calendar.

It think @r2d2 brought up the key question. What is important to you?

A friend recently started adjusting his past calendar events so they were an accurate reflection of how he spent his time because he needed to justify the hours he billed to customers.

For me now, my calendar is only forward looking. I keep it an accurate representation of how I intend to spend my time so others can see when I am available. I delete cancelled events and move rescheduled events.

If you feel a need to keep track of what was cancelled, will you also need to know why it was cancelled and by whom?