Cannot use external microphone with FaceTime/Skype

I’m planning on going iOS only with my podcast setup, as outlined by Jason Snell. I have the new mic (which I love), but I cannot seem to use FaceTime or Skype with the microphone as the primary source of audio. Wondering if anyone else is having this issue.

For clarity, the setup is as follows:

  • iPad is plugged into an Apple iPad power brick (12W) using a standard Lightning cable and the Apple USB 3 to Lightning dongle.
  • ATR2100-USB microphone is plugged in via USB to the Apple USB 3 to Lightning dongle.
  • Headphones are plugged into microphone

I have this set up, and can record locally with Ferrite. So I do know that it is working. Just wondering if something is going on with iOS 12 or if there is some sort of technical limitation I’m unaware of at this point.

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Did you figure this out? I also have the same setup as you and my mic doesn’t work for facetime/skype/zoom calls. However, it works when I record video or voice notes.