Can't dismiss MacOS notifications with a two-finger swipe?

I (thought I) used to be able dismiss a notification alert or banner with a two-fingered swipe on my trackpad, but that no longer works. I’ve searched for a resolution but haven’t come across one. Has anyone else run into this?

If it’s relevant, I’m using High Sierra 10.13.6 on a 2017 Macbook Pro 13".

Just tried it with a banner notification and was able to dismiss it without an issue on 10.13.6…

Have you turned off anything in System Preferences > Accessibility? I discovered that swiping panels in Ulysses depended on a setting to be on there. (I’d been looking around, saw it on, didn’t know why, so I then turned it off. Then learned why I had to keep it on.)

Thanks, I didn’t think to look there… After checking the settings I don’t think I’ve changed anything in Accessibility that would affect it. And I tested Ulysses and found I was able to swipe panels opened / closed ok. I’ve also checked all my trackpad settings, toggling them on and off individually to no avail.

Good to know, thanks. So it must be something on my machine - setting or otherwise…