Can't find my AirTag using Apple Watch (tethered to iPhone)?

Out of curiosity I used Siri on my Apple Watch Series 3 (non-LTE, as Apple does not support that in my country) to find my AirTag (that I left at home) during an MTB ride. I was surprised to get an error message that I cannot use this watch to find objects; I should use an iPhone instead. The watch is paired to my iPhone which I was carrying along (for Strava beacon; which works fine).

Can’t you use a (non-LTE) Apple Watch with AirTag (tethered to an iPhone)?

I would guess that the software is looking for a U1 chip which isn’t in Apple Watch. The same way (i believe ) you can’t use an iPad to find an Airtag

My iPhone does not have a U1 chip either…

Same responses here, so it seems like support Is just not implemented yet. I agree it would be useful.

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