Can't get Logitech G-Hub to work on M1 MBP

I have an older G602 Logitech “gaming” mouse that I bought simply for the programmable buttons. It went into storage a while ago, but my new setup works better with a mouse so I brought it out of mothballs. It is a dongle-only (no BT) connection, and it works without additional software or drivers, as a basic mouse.

I want to program the additional buttons though, and I have been unable to get the G-Hub software from to work on my M1 MBP with Ventura. It doesn’t detect the mouse at all. No help for this situation on their support site. Is anyone using their software?

Logitech software on a Mac is often a bit wonky for me. You could try to use something like Steer Mouse, or I think Better Touch Tool will let you program mice.


+1 for SteerMouse. In addition to doing a better job of detecting and addressing the buttons on Logitech’s gaming mice (I have the G502) myself, it also lets you play with the pointer speeds and acceleration curves. Definitely worth every penny in my book.


Found BetterMouse works well, BTT doesn’t provide access to all the buttons.

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Downloaded SteerMouse and BetterMouse. The first one installed, I gave it proper permissions, the menu opened and I changed some settings, but none of my changes took effect. Uninstalled it and tried BetterMouse. I did the same, and I can’t even get a menu. Followed all the instructions, but still a no go.

Requested help from both. :crazy_face:

Did that mouse used to work well on you Mac?

Sounds like there is a bigger issue going on here. If you are going to use a mouse seriously, it might be worth getting a more modern non-gaming mouse anyway. I retired my Logitech G-series gaming mouse from PC lately just because it had so many buttons it was difficult to hit the one I wanted. Got the latest MX mouse, great mouse.

Thanks for asking, Boris. The mouse works fine as a basic right click / left click / scroll wheel / pointer mover. But it has a load of other buttons that I previously used on an older intel Mac with Logitech’s software. It seems to be well known that Logitech’s software does not work well — or at all — with M series macs, and after the above suggestions (and lots of online confirmation) there were 3rd party solutions. They are just not working for me and I don’t know why. I assume that I’m doing something wrong (yes, I followed the directions, and rebooted too) so I’ve sent emails to the authors.

I was hoping that a $12 software purchase would prevent a more expensive (and also potentially problematic) mouse purchase.

How about Logtiech G series software vs Non G series. When I replaced the G series mouse, I had to install the regular, non gaming Logetich mouse software on my PC.