Can't get Mac App store to accept terms and conditions

I’m trying to download and install a particulr Safari extension.

I go to the app store, select it say get and then install. I get the must accept new media terms and conditions popup. I click OK, the new Ts&Cs come up. I scroll to the bottom click Accept and the popup comes back and wants me to accept them.

I’ve tried loging out of my apple id and back in, logging out, rebooting and the back in.

nothing works.

Any suggestions?

Which extension? 

Is there a check box to click to indicate that you have read the terms? Sometimes you must click a check box to select it, and click a button.

Yes I click the terms at the end that’s the second accept in my description. There are 2 of them and I click them both.

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I have also sometime problems like that.
It often helps, to go with an other device into the app store, and to accept the new rules for the account with this device.

Extension not availabe on iOS or iPad so I only have my main mac to use the Mac app store on and that’s where I’m stuck

This terms are normally not related to a specific app, or extension, but to Apple itself.
So it should make no difference to the term, whether it is accepted on the Mac, or the iPhone.

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I had three items. A button you click to see the terms. A small light gray checkbox that you have read the terms, and a second button that you accept the terms. I couldn’t see the checkbox at first, but my screen reader could.

I don’t see any checkbox. What did you do to find it?

I don’t get any such request when I add an app on my phone or iPad. I don’t see how to add extensions to the Safari app on my iOS devices.

Extensions for Safari on Mac OS are handled entirely differently, and obtained differently, from extensions for Safari on iOS/ipadOS.


Yes, I know and that’s the problem. This is a Mac only extension and the error on accepting the terms only shows up on the Mac app store and ONLY for that extension. Not on anything else I’ve tried to download.

There is a way to reset all warnings for downloading. Maybe that would get you out of the loop? Your problem isn’t exactly the warnings, but who knows?

To find it, open the Mac App store and go to Account Settings. After you authenticate, scroll to the bottom to find the Reset button.

Already tried that too. Still no joy I’m now on level 5 at apple support and have him stumped

AND an Update…

I am scheduled with yet another level of support for a phone call later this week. What I am seeing is not something that makes any sense to anyone :sigh:

I wish you all the best, to solve the problem!
I have some “weird” problems on my Mac too, for example with the Mail app, but I gave up on this with Apple Support, and count them as “just annoying”… :cry:

At least you know you’ve exhausted everything, including Apple!

I hope they can sort out the problem without requiring major renovations to your Mac.

So we finally got out of the loop on accepting conditions by Apple resetting my apple ID. That was after I was unable to sign out or back in again. Level 6 support on that call. We tried in safe more, still problems, tried resetting apple id myself and it required the apple ID senior support to kill it and get it back again. Seems like that would fix the problem. It did fix the original problem but caused 2 more.

As we got the Apple ID working Apple assumed I wanted my calendars and contacts upon iCloud and I could not turn it off until it finished. We tried to stop calendar and got stymied. Finally was told to force quit calendar. Then it wouldn’t come up. I had to stop after several hours on the phone with Apple support, screen sharing and more. Scheduled a call back for yesterday that didn’t happen.

Meanwhile I was told to see if I could make a backup from an older bootable drive and save it someplace safe.

I booted off my backup. Made an archive of my contacts and my calendar. Moved that up to our NAS server (took 2 hours) Reboot in normal mode with my BU drive disconnected.

So this morning I started again. 3 hours on the phone.

I’m now at level 8 or 9 (I lost count) I had 3 different product specialists all trying to figure it out and none could understand why files were not where they were supposed to be. I could hear one person in the background being told to go look up where the files were and tryng to replicate the problem.

For contacts I was able to get them restored eventual. First version had duplicates. All the iCloud ones and all my others. Finally sorted that out by deleting all off icloud, YET AGAIN turning OFF iCloud for Contacts and Calendars and then restoring for the 3rd time from the BU I made from my old Bootable drive.

Then we tried to restore my calendars from my Time Machine backup. No go. Tried to restore from time machine in Safe mode. No Go.

So the final straw was resorting to restoring from the archive I had made. Got all the stuff back up to 2 days ago but they all come in without the proper special colors. So I have to go back in and fix all that.

Note for future: Make a full backup of calendar and contacts and anything else iCloud tries to grab BEFORE resetting or making ANY changes to your Apple ID!


I am almost afraid to ask, but Did you at least get your Extension?

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