Can't get ride of this iPad icon


I recently bought a new iPad. I’ve boxed and erased the old one and am using the new one in conjunction with an M1 MacBook Air.

For some reason when trying to use Sidecar I am noticing that I am being presented with more than one iPad and it’s confusing.

Is there any way anyone knows how to stop this from happening OR see where to make sure the other is no longer visible. I imagine this means resetting something, but I don’t know what.


Any advice much appreciated.

When you go to System Preferences on the Mac and Open Apple ID, is the old iPad listed? If so, maybe removing it will fix the problem.

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Agreed – that old iPad probably is still connected in some way to your Apple ID. If you can’t remove it in system preferences, try logging into where you can remove it from your devices.


Thanks for that. It did the trick.

I appreciate your help