Can't Open Microsoft Files in Certain Situations

Ok this is an odd one. My school has switched from OneDrive to Microsoft OneNote to host all of the needed information for teachers. (Calendars, handbooks, weekly meeting presentations, etc.). We access this notebook via a link shared with us by the admin. It’s very nice and organized, but I have this really weird issue, that if I download a file (.docx and .pptx is what I have tried so far), I can not open it on my Mac, I get an error. However, if a colleague shares that same file in slack, I can open it just fine.

Anybody else with similar experiences or suggestions of what could be happening?

I seem to have narrowed it down to something to do with the way safari is downloading the file. I was able to download and open it just fine using Chrome to access the notebook. :man_shrugging:

Another thing you can try is adding the OneNote notebook directly to your local installation of OneNote. Then everything should load normal as expected.

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We recently had a large uptake in the use of OneNote at my company. We noticed that the sync engine for OneNote is significantly slower than the one used by OneDrive and Word/Excel/PowerPoint coauthoring. We usually need to wait 20 minutes after opening OneNote before we can trust that everything has synced properly.

So true. The school where I teach uses OneNote for class materials. It works well except for frequent sync issues. The favourite student excuse has changed from “the dog ate my homework” to “I did do the homework but it won’t sync”!