Can't Play Youtube Videos on Mac from Specific Account

When I try to play any Youtube video on my Mac, in Safari or Chrome, while logged into a specific account, all I get is buffering with a black background. If I log out, or log into another account, it works fine. Also works fine in Safari on my iPhone. I have tried with several videos. I have also emptied cache and cleared website data in Safari.

Any ideas?

FYI YouTube is currently waging war against Brave’s built-in ad-block and/or a Chrome plugin I use to block YouTube ads. For the last couple of days I’ve gotten that black screen too… for 30-40 seconds when ads apparently would be playing.

So I’m guessing you are using some sort of ad-block extensions with your browsers, and YouTube is recognizing it on that one account of yours.

So I’d wait for a while to see if the videos appear as they did with me.

Generally speaking I’d make sure I was running the latest versions of the browsers, and I’d delete cache and cookie, and restart the Mac, and try the browser without plugins (specifically ad-block) and see if that helps. If it does re-enable plugins and see what happens.

Thanks - I don’t have any ad blocking extensions on either browser, but I did try disabling content blockers under “Settings for the Website” in the Safari menu. Restarted, emptied cache, cleared website data. Still no love.

After reading plenty of threads on the problem with no solutions, I found this workaround for now:

A temporary fix is to add " &disable_polymer=true " to the end of your YouTube link. It’s kinda annoying cause it just turns it into an older version of YouTube—which doesn’t have dark mode—but at least it works.