Can't "Redirect" email with Mojave

It seems this issue appeared since using Mojave…

In the Mail app on my Mac when I select “Redirect” for a message and try to send, I get the error message: “Cannot Send message using the server iCloud.” The error message further says, “From address is not one of your addresses,” when in fact I’m sending from my primary address. In addition to this, when the error message appears, the “To” address has been changed from the one I was trying to redirect to, and replaced with my email address.

Anyone else encounter this? Any suggested solutions?


Looks like an iCloud problem. I see it when I attempt to redirect, sending from my iCloud account but not when I send from other accounts. When you do a redirect the from address is the original message from address and not your address, hence the message. This is probably a somewhat broken security measure.