Can't unlock with Watch + binoculars on lock screen (is my screen being shared?)

Today I opened my MacBook Pro and waited for the Apple Watch to unlock it but was instead greeted by this error messaging saying “Unlocking with Apple Watch is not available while your screen is being shared.” I am not aware that I’m sharing my screen. Additionally in the top right corner there is a picture of a pair of binoculars. Clicking on that does nothing.

Google searching for this revealed that I should download uninstall a driver DisplayLink. Searching my Mac for “DisplayLink” found some files that are part of BBEdit (which has recently been updated). The only thing that is display related that changed is Duet Display was updated yesterday.

Any thoughts? I’m reluctant to download some software from an unknown site to uninstall this software that I didn’t realize was being installed. Or I could just be paranoid.

Right-click the binoculars, select Open Sharing Preferences, and turn off Remote Management and Remote Login. That should remove the binoculars from the menu bar, along with whatever sharing you’re doing.
This may be due to Duet. The above will help troubleshoot.

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And sometimes a reboot is needed to bump-start the unlocking via Apple Watch. I sometimes have “can’t unlock” issues that seem to be related to the Watch and laptop being on the same SSID but different beacons.

Thanks, JohnAtl. I Can’t right or left click on it. Already tried. And Remote Sharing/Management is off. Checked that already, too.

Quorum, rebooting didn’t help either. Should have mentioned those.

That’s what people on the Apple Discussions board recommended in the past. So I optimistically tried, but no luck.

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This might be relevant

I came across that one, too. Mine appears on the lock screen. That page suggests it’s due to inadvertently recording the screen. Neither Quicktime nor the ⌘-⇧-5 are pressed. BTW, I didn’t know about that new shortcut. Very handy to know. I may just reinstall OS X from a USB stick.

In today’s digital environment, being paranoid is good. :slight_smile:

I have a solution. I’ve had the same exact problem and it turned out that duet display used screen sharing for the remote session. So if you want to unlock your mac with the apple watch you should quit duet (not uninstall if you want to keep it). That way the problem is not there anymore.

Hope you succeed this time.

Thanks Nevil. That could certainly have been the problem. At that time I was using Duet, but now Sidecar fits the bill perfectly. Nice sleuthing!