Can't use AirPod (pro) to make call while driving

I cannot understand the logic.

I was driving and listening the MPU podcast while I was driving. My iPhone was in my pocket. I then had to initiate a call. I told Siri to call so and so. Her response was that I had to unlock my iPhone before I can make a call.

Just wondering is this is security issue or safety ? I can understand the logic, I can make call from the iPhone lock screen , so obviously not a security concern. I can ask Siri while driving - play some music, so telling Siri to do something is not a safety concern.

So why can’t I make a call, is there a setting that I did not get it right?

How do you make a call from the lock screen? Pressing a favorites button on a widget?

It needs to authenticate your identity before calling out from your phone. I get it, it sucks and not convenient at all especially as that’s the reason for being able to use Siri while the iphone is in your pocket.

no, I just use Siri on the iPhone , but may be only able to call people from my contact list. I do not have to unlock my phone first

It’s just another reason I hate Face ID. In the past I could unlock my 6S without taking my eyes off the road. Now my only solution is to set Auto Lock to Never, except when I’m driving short distances.

My workaround now is to put my iPhone on a dashboard holder facing me. If I had to get Siri to make a call, at least I can unlock the iPhone using Face ID

very interesting result - I was driving with my iPhone in my pocket again. The difference is that I was using the Powerbeat Pro, I summoned Siri and asked her to make a call. She did not even blink and made the call without asking me to unlock my phone.

I am not sure why AirPod Pro and Powerbeat Pro gave me different results