Can't Use Siri Shortcuts without Siri // Any Alternatives to Disable WiFi/BlueTooth?

At this point in time, I’m not willing to use Siri. I don’t want my phone to listen to everything I say, I don’t want Apple to record my real time GPS data in perpetuity, and I don’t want to risk a vulnerability where someone with physical access to my phone can use Siri on my device because of a forced setting change on a future iOS update that I wasn’t diligent enough to catch.

I was excited for Siri Shortcuts because it seems like everything is happening on the device itself without a need to involve Apple Siri servers, and I assumed I could use them manually, without voice activation, and no need to allow Siri itself on my phone.

I was wrong. It appears that the two useful Siri Shortcuts I found, to disable WiFi and Bluetooth, won’t work unless I allow Siri voice access onto my phone. Oddly, another Siri Shortcut I found to track daily weight, still works without allowing Siri voice access.

iOS 11 changed the control center functionality to no longer allow one click disabling of Bluetooth and WiFi modems. Instead, the buttons in control center now only disconnect from any active sessions but keep the modems active. Retail stores have started using sniffing devices to track people based on WiFi and Bluetooth MAC addresses. Hackers have long been using pineapple devices to spoof trusted WiFi networks to man-in-the-middle you and have started using a Stingray-equivalent device for Bluetooth.

I don’t want to leave my house with WiFi and Bluetooth on, but now it’s buried under several clicks to turn it on and off every time I leave and return to my house. I found a Siri Shortcut that turns them off with one click, but it seems not to function unless I allow voice-control to Siri.

Is it possible that the Shortcut itself was written by someone in such a way that it has voice commands built in, so the whole thing fails unless that’s allowed? And if so, I can learn to write my own that will function as a manual button press with Siri voice disabled?

Or is it spaghetti code in Siri Shortcuts whereby depending on the function that the Shortcut is trying to call, there may be an individualized setting to allow it (such as access too the Reminders activity) but if there is no such setting, then it requires all of Siri be turned on to work?

Perhaps there’s a non-Siri method of doing this? I believe Siri shortcuts came to be because of the Workflow app that was purchased by Apple and absorbed into the company. Does that still work or has it been deprecated?

Does anyone know any one click ways to disable WiFi? I’m really shocked this hasn’t been a bigger tech news story that Apple changed this function in iOS11. My cousin is a special agent in the FBI and she is mandated not to have WiFi enabled on her work-issued iPhone when she’s not in a secure government building. She’s been under the impression that the control center disable it, but it doesn’t since iOS10. I imagine the entire FBI is walking around with vulnerable WiFi modems exposed on their issued devices.

Good luck trying to follow a tech-savvy suspect who is able to sniff MAC addresses of nearby Bluetooth and WiFi modems, and he will know you’re onto him. This isn’t spy novel fantasies, I’ve met people building these sniffers at various tech conferences and running them on a daily basis.

Without you sharing the shortcut we can’t actually see whether or not it was built to require voice commands.

As a note, it is possible to enable Siri to work with type to Siri - an accessibility setting. Then it will not (cannot) listen for hey Siri anymore.


Hi GlitterPony,

Not sure exactly what you mean by “allowing Siri voice access” and “allow voice control to Siri,” but I just made a quick shortcut in the Shortcuts app to toggle Bluetooth on/off, and it worked even after I switched “Listen for Hey Siri” off.

See screenshot below. Obviously, this is just an example, and you can customize the menu to include all the options you want (e.g. turning both Bluetooth and WiFi off with one tap).

You can add the shortcut to the Shortcuts widget, which is a very convenient location for it, and you can do the toggling right there - the advantage is that it doesn’t need to open the Shortcuts app if you’re running the shortcut from the widget.

But I may be misunderstanding what you mean, and this may not be what you’re looking for.

In that case, the only other suggestion that comes to mind is the following: when you 3D Touch on the Settings icon, you can jump directly to WiFi and Bluetooth from there. Not exactly one tap, but perhaps a bit quicker than going into Settings and navigating into Wifi and Bluetooth from there.

Hope this helps!

@Wolfie Does it do this for Bluetooth, too?

Sorry for delayed reply, been a busy holiday few weeks :slight_smile:
When I try to click “Set Bluetooth” the message I see is:

“In order to use this action, enable Siri in Settings.”

I may be wrong but as soon as I enable Siri, I’m giving Apple permission to start tracking everything I do and say through Siri.

However, not all of the shortcut actions require that I have Siri enabled. I downloaded a weight tracking shortcut and it works just fine without Siri enabled.